MGC has been established with the following broad objectives:

  • Providing a broad range of nursing processes to enable nurse practitioners to practice under various scenarios.
  • Create a body of nurse educators with demonstrable skills in teaching through use of various modern educational methods and technology.
  • Develop nurse administrators with strong grounding in administrative principles and practices.
  • Encourage nursing researches with capabilities for pursuing independent research to create new procedures through creative thinking.
  • Provide career development opportunities for nursing professionals through staff development programs.
  • Inculcate appreciation of social and ethical obligations to the society among nurses.


Abohar is an integral part of District Fazilka and is located on The Indo-Pak Border. This town is surrounded by about 108 villages, has agriculture based industry and economy. MGC(Meera Group Of Colleges) was established in Oct.2007 at the time when there was an actual need to have quality Nursing Education and improvement in Health Care System in the state Punjab. The college has its own building.

The institute provides insight and knowledge to improve student's personality. We provide the conceptual knowledge through highly qualified and experienced staff, rich and updated library and practical knowledge with well equipped and furnished laboratories.