Chairman's Message

Nursing service is an organized body of knowledge and the art of nursing is the application of that knowledge for the care of people both in sickness and in health. We instill this aspect into the minds of our students.

Nursing is a profession of dedication, selflessness, hard work and patience so that the nurses may serve the needy with utmost passion and be a cause in their overall wellness. Here in Meera Group of Colleges, the students are trained well by the highly qualified and experienced faculty both in the well equipped lecture halls/ laboratories, in the hospitals of repute providing general and specialty services for clinical practice and in the community for imparting health education for promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare.

Our management is contemplating to start post graduate programmes as well as short term courses in various health & medical disciplines especially in NURSING in the near future.

The institution is also trying to develop liaison with institutions of foreign countries to benefit the students who are seeking quality education or are seeking job opportunities abroad by providing all sorts of facilities and training required by them to crack IELTS , TOEFL & CGFNS examinations etc.

“I Do Not Teach My Pupil, I Only Provide Them Opportunities in Which They Can Learn” - Einstein
Meera Group of College follows this dictum in Toto. Hoping well for the prospective candidates seeking nursing education.

Dr.G.S. Mittal
Meera Group Of Colleges